Best tours in Catalonia by scooter

Sitges is the last place to finish this route, to return to Barcelona, you must take the C-32 for approximately 40 kilometers.

El Garraf is located exactly in the regions corresponding to the lower Llobregat and we can not only travel it by motorbike, but also on foot through routes and paths indicated for this purpose, such as, for example, the Way of the Coasts or the route of Can Grau.


Sitges, one of the most touristic places in our country, is another of the towns we pass through on this well-known motorbike route. Also worth mentioning in Sitges are the Maricei Palace, the Cau Ferrat Museum and the old Terramar Velodrome as say the company city tour Barcelona.

Finally, it is advisable to visit in Vallirana the so-called Cueva Bonita from the Neolithic period, the Molinots de la Llibra and the chapel of San Silvestre from the pre-Romanesque period.


The beaches of Barcelona, with a length of more than four and a half kilometres along the entire coastline and belonging to the districts of Ciutat Vella and Sant Martí, are another ideal setting for motorcycle routes in Barcelona.

The Mediterranean climate of Barcelona’s beaches makes them an extraordinary place to practice a multitude of activities, although it is in the spring and summer months when most tourists come to the beaches to enjoy a good bath or the gastronomy of the area.

Here’s a video we love from “Run The World” about a day’s motorbike tour of Barcelona.


This massif is the most important mountain in Catalonia and how not to be if it is impressive, so you should not miss the opportunity to visit if you are in the vicinity of Barcelona.

In the National Park of the Monastery of Montserrat there is a great road for a motorbike route in Barcelona that passes through the towns of Olesa de Montserrat, Esparreguera, Collbató and El Bruc.

This park is located in a mountain range specially indicated for the practice of sports such as climbing, thanks to the high level of erosion of the rocks and rocks. As for the Monastery of Montserrat, it stands over the region of Bages and is one of the best known monuments in Catalonia both nationally and abroad.

Leaving from the centre of Barcelona, you must take the route you prefer towards Martorell, you must follow the A-2, near the Bruc area, you must head towards the B-110 road, the closer you get to the Massif, the more curves will begin to increase.

Once you start the descent, you can take the opportunity to go to the viewpoint of Montserrat, where you will have an incredible view of the city, in addition, very close is also the monastery of Montserrat, which you should not miss the opportunity to visit, if you like museums you can also take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Montserrat For the return, you must take the BP-1121 (more curves), then you will join the C-55 until you get back to the A-2. Source :