Why visit Bulgaria and optimal travel itineraries

Bulgaria travel attractions and the best itinerary? Walk along the old winding road of Koprivshtitsa town, past the tricking streams and the colorful buildings, and be taken back to a Bulgaria of the past. Set in the heart of the Sredna Gora mountain range, historic Koprivshtitsa town was once a center for the fight against Ottoman rule and still today remains a place of Bulgarian pride. The town is now popular with visitors and is an open air museum; its many mansions and houses are fantastic examples of the Bulgarian National Revival that occurred during the 19th century.

Top Bulgaria Itinerary? A showcase in all things Bulgarian National Revival, Zheravna is a rustic and raw picture of one of the country’s most iconic architectural styles of old. The town itself sits nestled at the base of the mighty Balkan Mountains, between dense thickets of Bosnian pines and white elms, where it seems almost organically formed in its timber-clad, stony appearance. The cottages that pepper the cobbled streets all come beautifully restored, with more than 150 examples of the typical hardwood facades on display. Amidst the buildings, sites like the Yordan Yovkov House and the icon-packed St Nicholas Church draw the biggest crowds, while others will head for the August Dobromiritsa Rural Park nearby, where festivals celebrating Bulgarian folk costumes and music erupt throughout the year.

Perhaps the most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in the world, Rila has risen and risen to become a veritable symbol of the Bulgarian nation. It entered the UNESCO World Heritage List way back in 1983, hailed for its curious intermingling of Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque styles, and resplendent iconostases walls, carved meticulously and inlaid with shimmering gold leaf. An on-site museums helps travelers unravel the more than 1,000 years of history that coalesce at the site, while endless courtyards and peristyles decorated in murals and medieval scenes mean there’s plenty of art and architecture to draw the eye. See more details on Bulgaria Itinerary.

Jutting out and sparkling like a Medieval Byzantine pearl between the rollers of the Black Sea, Nessebar is certainly one of the most enchanting and unforgettable cities on Bulgaria’s coast. It’s famed for an enthralling UNESCO centre where layers of Thracian ruins mix with eye-watering churches built between the 5th and 10th centuries. There are formidable fortifications too, famed for fighting off both Ottoman Turk and Crusading counts alike, not to mention rows of pretty seaside villas that cascade down neatly to meet the shore, shimmering in whitewash and red-tile as they go. Put simply – this one’s not to be missed!

I think it’s quite amazing that Bulgaria is still considered to be off the beaten track for Western tourists, because the country has a bit of everything, and all at very affordable prices. The Mountain slopes of Bansko and Pomporovo attract skiers in the winter and the Black Sea beaches draw the crowds in the summer months. Sofia – the capital – is probably not the most beautiful city you can visit, but once you get out into the countryside and start exploring the gorgeous coastline, I think you’ll fall captive to Bulgaria’s special charm. Here is my choice for the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria… Read additional info on https://yourtravelitinerary.com/.