Top travel locations to visit in Colorado

Top destinations in Colorado? Breckenridge is both mountain town and ski resort and is packed with plenty of Colorado history. It is the oldest and largest town in Summit County, with over 250 buildings on the National Historic Register, making its Main Street an absolute dream to wander. There’s tons of arts events and festivals all year, plus galleries, studios, and shops worth checking out. In summer visitors enjoy the wildflowers in bloom in the surrounding areas, while in winter, Breckenridge Ski Resort provides some 2,358 acres of the best skiing in the state.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is located in southern Colorado. Standing in stark contrast to mountains like the Rocky Mountain National Park, sandy dunes cover the land here, creating beautiful vistas that will remind you of vast deserts. Hit the dunes – the largest one, Star Dune, towers over the rest of the dunes. There are plenty of activities for outdoors lovers here. Explore the trails, you’ll find that they lead you through forests and wetlands that surround the dunes. You should also be sure to visit Medano Lake, one of several alpine lakes and filled with trout if you’re a fisherman. Trek out to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains – the Medano Pass Primitive Road guides you through a canyon until you reach the mountains.

Colorado is an outdoor paradise, and getting that workout in the outdoors can be a great way to start your day. Here are some of the best things to do in Golden CO outside. If you brought your mountain bike (or want to rent one here), there are great trails near us, but these aren’t for novices. You’ll have to drive to most of them, but they’ll be worth it! If you’d prefer to hike – these trails will work for that too! Chimney Gulch is about 1 mile from our front door. This one has great views of our fair town. A little farther, Apex Park, is about 3.5 miles from the inn. With almost 10 miles of trails, you won’t get bored here! Similarly distanced, White Ranch Lower Lot is a 10 minute drive from the inn. South Table Mountain is the closest option for mountain biking and hiking. It’s under 0.5 mile from our door! It’s steep, but it’s a Golden classic! Discover extra info at Hotel rooms in Golden CO.

Regardless of whether or not you have seen cliff dwellings before, you will be blown away by Mesa Verde and the amount of access to the actual ruins that the park allows visitors. The park’s centerpiece, Cliff Palace is one of the most impressive dwellings in the entire Southwest, with a dramatic setting and incredibly preserved ruins. Ranger-led tours, which run regularly during the summer high season, allow you to climb ladders right up into the heart of the dwelling. If you aren’t up for that level of activity, you can get a full view of the site from a nearby overlook. Mesa Verde was home to the Ancestral Pueblo who inhabited the dwellings from approximately 600 AD to 1300 AD. Thousands of archeological sites lie within the park, although the cliff dwellings are the most spectacular. A road allows access to numerous sites, many of which are on top of the mesa. A number of hiking trails, which do not require a ranger tour, lead to lookouts and interesting sites, including petroglyphs.

We operate The Dove Inn with a behind-the-scenes service model. While our hotel is technically a boutique bed and breakfast in Golden CO, the breakfast is continental style, usually including yogurt, granola, and pastries. We strive to source as much of our breakfast locally as we can and have coffee from some of the best local roasters like Huckleberry, Coda, and Two Rivers. Discover additional info on this website.