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Dakar, Senegal best travel attractions and the best airlines to get there? Dakar has long been a secret-surfer’s paradise. A peninsula that catches swells from north and south means locals, expats, and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to riding the waves. With around 15 distinct locations within a 30-minute radius of each other, there is a spot for every ability. Learners may want to find their sea legs on the more forgiving beach breaks of Virage and Yoff, while those in the know may take on the more testing rocky reefs of Ouakam and Vivier. With a myriad of dedicated surf hostels, camps, bars, and rental shops dotted around the northern end of Dakar, it’s the perfect place to get your surf on.

Separated from the rest of the country by the protruding finger of The Gambia, Senegal’s Casamance region feels like a world of its own. Once shadowed by the specter of separatist conflict, it is now largely peaceful and well worth visiting for its lush tropical landscapes and rich wildlife. Meandering rivers are best explored by boat, and eventually, find their way to the beautiful beaches of Cap Skirring. Local villages line the river banks​ and offer visitors the chance to experience the proud culture of the Diola people.

Upon following the road starting from the main entrance, you will see a big lion statue indicating that you have reached the botanical park. Visitors can see various trees and plants that are native to Senegal. Don’t forget to Pay a brief quick visit to Reptile House where you can see many lizards and reptile predators. The building is quite dirty and neglected however, it is very fun experience so just for a small ticket fee, cover this spot. Park Hann Zoo is a heart-breaking places due to horrific conditions in which animals live. Two hyenas and crammed into one small cage, 7 lions are put in a small and narrow room, chimpanzees have no proper shade etc. One thing I could suggest is that you can buy some food in advance to feed the animals, if you plan on visiting here. I myself bought some bananas and Pringles in advance and fed the monkeys. Subsequently, I managed to catch a great smile from one of my chimpanzee buddies. The entrance fee of the zoo is 5000 CFA’S for foreigners. Find extra details on

Also, this incredible national bird sanctuary is an abode of greater than 30 species of birds that include pelican and spectacular pink flamingo. This amazing park earns the fame of being one of the unique destinations possessing permanent source of water in the south of Sahara. Guet N’Dar is a busy sea town that you must not miss to visit when exploring Senegal. It lies in the south of the Saint Louis and well-connected to the sea. It is more popular as a fishing town. Make sure you watch plenty of boats flowing on the waters of river and sea here and enjoy the experience of catching one of the fresh fishes from the river. Get to see the local culture of this town.

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