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Crete is known for its outstanding gorges, but the most impressive is the Samaria Gorge. Contained within the Samaria National Park, it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Walking the popular 16-kilometer trail that runs through the gorge is one of the most popular things to do on Crete for tourists looking to get active. From Xylóskalo, just outside the mountain village of Omalos, the gorge descends 1,250 meters to arrive at the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli on Crete’s sunny south coast. The river Tarraios, which dries up in summer but floods in winter, runs the length of the gorge with high rocky cliffs to each side. The gorge is open to visitors from May through mid-October.

You’re spoilt for interesting excursions on the island of Crete, Greece, an island rich with history, mystery and natural beauty. We’ve rounded up our favourite attractions to make planning your island itinerary that little bit easier. Archaeology, mythology and natural wonders abound on Crete, the largest island in Greece. There is so much to see and discover in each of the four prefectures of the island that, whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover or an avid hiker, you won’t have an empty afternoon – unless you want to, of course. The best part is that whatever you’re doing, you’re never far from a beach. From archeological wonders to natural phenomena, these are our favourite things to do in Crete.

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum enjoys the reputation of being one of the most important museums in Greece, especially when it comes to its collection of Minoan artifacts and artwork. Visitors to this museum can enjoy seeing fragments of the original frescoes from the Minoan Palace of Knossos. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum also has exhibits dedicated to all of the periods of Crete prehistory and history, up until the late Roman periods. Highlights include statues of the Snake Goddess, the famous Bull-Leaping Fresco and the enigmatic Phaistos Disk. In addition, the artifacts found in this museum were all discovered in Crete.

On the remote south coast, looking towards Africa across the Libyan Sea, are quaint seaside villages where you can escape from the main tourist scene. This is the best place for travelers looking for a quiet escape but still wanting to enjoy a beach vacation. The scenic, mountainous interior is home to fertile soil and is where you’ll find much of the country’s agriculture, along with charming villages of whitewashed houses on narrow, twisting streets. Good roads and highways connect cities on the north coast with the towns on the south coast, and make for beautiful drives through the mountains. Learn more about where to go and what to see with our list of the best places to visit on Crete. Read more info at https://www.chaniacar.com/.